Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bringing a knife to a gun fight: Saffron cookies at Easter ... Fail

My fairly average saffron cookies
My quest to cook saffron dishes is progressing slowly. Originally, I wanted to use the spice in interesting and unique ways, but I haven’t found many inspiring recipes. However, for the Easter gathering at Lisa’s Dad’s place, I tried a saffron cookie recipe.

Either I failed or the recipe failed me. I didn’t like the texture of the dough or the fully baked cookie, which was somewhat grainy and reminded me of halva, in a bad way. The dough actually left a disagreeable aftertaste in my mouth and the saffron was difficult to distinguish after baking.

I diverged from the recipe in two ways. One, I didn’t have any oranges and used tangerines instead. I’m not sure if this violates some law of citrus usage. Does it? Oranges and tangerines taste similar to me. It’s not like I used a lime or a lemon. Two, I didn’t use an electric blender, and instead I used a whisk, vigorously. Possibly this contributed to my texture problem.

Lisa’s family humored me and was kind about how the saffron cookies turned out, but I clearly came in third among the dessert options. (We also had Easter cookies from Whole Foods and a fruit tart from Lisa’s aunt). I brought a knife to a gun fight … what are you going to do? Maybe I’ll make a chocolate soufflĂ© next time.

Sweetie Maya seemed to enjoy my cookies though. She was playing with Easter eggs on the floor and I was discretely munching on a cookie behind a chair. When she saw me, she shot her arm out with a yelp and then went through the long toddler standing up process, and waddled over so we could share. She sat on my lap and we passed the cookie back and forth, which was the height of my enjoyment of my saffron cookies.